Skumfil Rad Run Strat

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Skumfil Rad Run Strat

Post  Dirdorlas on Sun Oct 18, 2009 1:16 pm

Skumfil = Eww.

Dificulty: Easy to Moderate.

Estimated length: 20 to 30 min.

Strategy: Your best bet at getting this done quickly is to find someone with the key, preferably a burg. you will need a fellowship that consists of a ranged DPS class such as a hunter or RK, a minstrel, a tank class, a Runekeeper, a Champion, and a burg.

The Beginning: You will jump down into the hole at the beginning of the instance, kill 3 spiders at the bottom, 2 elites and 1 elite master level 60's, have the eprson with the key open the door, there is a little notch on the inside of te door on the right side. everyon should be in the, the minstrel will then put there bubble on (lay of hammerhan?) run out to the back of the room and activate the boss, the mini will then feign death and everything will dis-appear, after that everyone will head to the back of the room, and in the middle of the back wall there is a little ledge everyone should stand on, the person with the key will get down and the runekeeper will cast "Do not fall this day" on him/her as soon as it is cast the person will have to run across and open the door, then run back and aggro the boss and die in the middle of the room then accept the rez, and the person will spawn on the mound with everyone else.

Phase 1: After that make sure whoever has aggro of the boss stays on the mound and take out the groups of adds to the right, and a patroling elite master spider, after that all the melee dps will jump down and take aggro of the boss, then you tank and spank through the first phase.

Phase 2: After that everyone will get back on the mound, kill the adds...then tank and spank again, in the second and third phases the boss will drop acid, make sure you stay out of the acid or you will die really fast. its best for the burg to pop a CJ during the boss' induction, if by chance the CJ fails and doesnt hit then the tank should just back up a bit and let the boss come to him/her.

Phase 3: Rinse and repeat.

Questions? just post them as a reply to this thread. if you have something to add, send a PM to me or a message in game. GL!


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