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Post  Dirdorlas on Wed Oct 21, 2009 10:16 am

Description: The Dark Delvings can be your favorite instance, and your most hated instance at the same time. It can be the shortest instance, and yet be the longest instance ever and take up to and over 3 hours long, but if you have a devoted group that is willing to tak the time to learn it, you can, yes you, can get all 6 people in your fellowhsip their rad helmet in one day.

Minimum level: 60

Highest level'd Mob (in the insance): Level 63 (Gurvand)

Difficulty: Super Easy, to Crazy Hard!

Fellowship Build: a Hunter, LM CC traited, Tank, RK DPS traited, Mini, and a Champion for Clobbers <----very important.

In this instance there are 3 bosses of unspeakable, super annoying nature. the entire instace is based in the dark, there are these runestones which can be lit to create light which gve all the bosses and mobs a debuff as well as removing the debuff on yourself that you get from being in the dark, but lets start off with the mobs shall we?

When you first go into the instance there will be a mob called a (Dark Maw-Master) these guys have about 17k morale and have a fw inductions that need to be clobbered by the champ. one of these inductions will summon an overseer which can also be a large nuiscance. just burn these guys down in the light. Also there will be white text randomly appearing on your screen saying Gurvand screams or something like that....if you see that do your best to get into the light cause in a few seconds if your in the dark youll get a bad debuff....the debuff will be indicated by another white text that says a vile gust of wind rushes through that shakes the walls of the cavern, only the area around the runestones seem to be unaffected.

The next type of mob are overseers, these guys come in melee and ranged holiday bundles. they are a pain in the behind, these guys appear for the first time in the instance at the second group of mobs. there will be 3 overseers (2 ranged and 1 melee) and a dark maw master al grouped togethor. The LM will do whats called a root pull. He will root the 4 mobs and get the middle overseer. make sure you get the overseers down first and keep the maw masters mezzed until you have finished killing the overseers, otherwise it can be a pain.

After that set, there is another light to head into, once you get there you will see a patrolling maw amster, take him out when he is out of range of the other group, after that do another root pull, move down the way and your at the first boss already, easy right? hahahahah! wrong!.

Boss 1: The easiest/hardest boss in the instance. This guy is really simple...just tank and spank babes. but the catch is...you have to turn each light on for each phase. when you first arrive at the door way you will see three big stone like the one your standing next to but they arnt creating light, all you gotta do is turn the first one on the first phase...the far one on in the second phase, and the third one to the right in the third phase. and the fight in the dark for the 4th phase. the trick to stand right in the middle of the rock with your backs up against the VERY MIDDLE of it. you must have a straight line between the boss, you, and the rock creating the light...otherwise youll get tossed off...if the boss moves a bit to the left, make sure you adjust yourself to the left, same goes for the right. after the first phase, move to the next stone and do the same. if u get knocked off you will be rooted for 30seconds have a bad broken leg and will spawn worms, worms = Champ AoE time. oh yea youll be in a crevace to. so dont get tossed....if the tank gets tossed in the crevace and no one can take aggro, the stupid boss will go after the tank but will reset one he gets to th ramp that goes down to the crvace.. if this happens, everyone should get on the ramp before going and trying again from that side.

After boss number one, loot the chest and move onto more maw masters and 2 new mobs. a World eater....big, scary, and super easy. Darklings...Little...slow...not scary...but MUST be killed before reaching an injured mob because they will heral them alot.

Boss 2: My favorite boss, because this is a Dirdorlas original strategy. Shocked
Wat you will do, is once you get in there stay right in the middle between the lights to the right and lft, and the light in front of you. DO NOT GO INTO THE LIGHTS YET, otherwise when you activate the boss he will extinguish them isntantly. Hunter put strength stance one...get close to the middle light, get focus then activate the boss....once he appears and every is in combat, run into the liht on the left. hunter penetrate shot or swift bow. build some aggro and kite the boss around the runestone...slowly...everyone else be on add controll except for the champ. the champ will have to do two jobs...he/she will have to kill adds and watch the boss for an inudction or heal, if he says one hes got about 3 to 5 seconds to clobber the boss...4 different types of adds can appear, 2 maw masters, like a million darklings, 1 world eater, or 3 overseers. everything is easy cept for overseers. if you get maw masters the LM will mez one and you will kill the other, the LM will keep the mezzed one perma mezzed until more adds come. once more adds come he will just disappear....nifty huh? After all the adds are dead everyone will be attacking the boss, BUTTTT NO ONE TAKE AGGRO AWAY ROM THE HUNTER, that is key. the only person it is ok for is the champ. if this happens. champ kite the boss do not tank he is too strong... burn him down and eventually he will extinguish the light....hunter keep a close eye while everyone moves to the light on the right side of the room. champ will have to wait for the boss to move incase of a heal induction, if he trys to put it off, clobber him right away or he will heal to full health. once everyone is in light 2, rinse and repeat...you should down him there...if not then move to the light at the back right, and repeat. clobbers are key and adds are key. if a world eater spawns then ignore him and everyone burn the boss cept the lore master will keep him mezzed. after that loot and move on to boss 3.

Boss 3: Easiest guy here...Butttt you have to fight him in the dark... DO NOT TOUCH THE RUNESTONES FOR LIGHT OTHERWISE YOU LOSE HARD MODE AND YOUR RAD TOKEN! have the tank go in and activate the boss...everyone else stay out. after he activate he will run to the runestone on the left side, right next to him. he will stand right in front of it and die. the boss should bug out...this will be indicated by him running to the left side of the room when he resets...if he does everyone go in and go to the runestone on the right side. mini or RK will Rez tank, and they wil follow the rest of the group....Hunter, RK, and mini turn walk mode on by hitting the "Insert" key on your keyborad. on the right up against the wall there is a little crack. walk foreward facing the wall until you start sliding once you do stop walk and wait till you stop, eventually you will slide into a little holding place...youll know when your there cause you will literally be floatingin the air...make sure everyones in, once everyone is in, the champ will go aggro the boss..run back get a heal, the run back and taunt the boss and get him to follow....as soon as he is in range the hunter will take aggro and you just burn him down without even getting hurt. but watch out for his bleeding ears attack, if he has this 30 second buff on he will return any damage for 75% of whatever you hit. i know he hit me for over 2k of returned damage when i used heartseeker on him, so BE CAREFUL. so just burn him down carefully, overseers will be spawned...just ignore these and let the mini get aggro cause they wont do anything if tmini has them cause the mini is in the crack. once hes dead just pop out go and roll on your helm! Gratzzz!

got some questoions? just post a response. if you have something to add, just PM here or talk to me in game. afro


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Dark Delvings Rad Run Strat Empty lol

Post  liquorph on Wed Oct 21, 2009 3:27 pm

Good stuff..an how very tru..Smile Twisted Evil


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